One of the foremost airlines in the world, United Airlines, under a new partnership with the Californian firm, Uplift, recently announced its “Fly Now, Pay Later” option to its passengers at Checkout.

Just as the name, Pay Later, implies, the initiative is designed to enable you to fly now and pay later. The offer is opened to passengers who book flights from the United State to any of United Airlines’ destinations across the globe – offering you the option to pay for your tickets monthly through Uplift’s transparent, flexible and superfast credit system.

This is in line with Uplift’s commitment to making travel solutions readily accessible, affordable and more rewarding for all travel consumers…

The partnership between the Californian team of travel technologists, digital marketing strategists and fintech experts, UPLIFT, and United Airlines was announced only a few days ago. The booking option is designed to enable passengers to travel right away on their choice flights with the payment for their flight bookings spread over time, through monthly installments – over the next 11 months after their booking.

Uplift will integrate this seamless solution into the United Airlines' existing payment processing system. This way, when passengers make their bookings on United.com the new payment option will appear as a new option among the list of payment methods. 

United Website
United Website

A pretty simple payment solution, nonetheless, the passengers will be subject to the required credit checks to qualify for the offer. Uplift promises that the entire process will be fast, seamless and convenient. Thanks to their advanced artificial intelligence which the company promises to provide passengers with unmatched approval rates in travel.

This is definitely not Uplift’s first travel innovation, as the company has already been offering a similar payment solution for United Airlines through their United Vacations division – making it possible for vacationers to book holiday packages through its service since 2017, paying monthly via Uplift.

Like a two-edged sword, this flexible payment solution is expected to meet the needs of both United’s passengers and the airline (United) themselves; as a similar option is already in use by some of the biggest players in the travel industry, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Kayak, Universal Studios, and several others.

While further details about this offer are still in the works, there are speculations that Uplift’s pay-later option is already in use by the Mexican airline, Volaris.

Uplift website
Uplift website

Volaris’ current terms of payment monthly are restricted to 18+ US citizens only, who are booking a minimum value of $300. It won’t, therefore, come as a surprise if United imposes similar terms.

Considering the fact that the essence of travel-hacking is particularly to spend as little as possible at the maximum value obtainable, it may not be out of place to consider the possibility that United Airlines/Uplift’s proposed pay-later flight may end up being more expensive than existing instant payment solutions.


Although United/Uplift’s pay-later monthly payment option may not seem to enjoy huge popularity with a greater number of flight passengers. One cannot rule out the fact there’s a ready market for their flexible international travel-payment offers.

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