Before you can use air miles to spend, you need to be able to earn them. Therefore, you first need to know places like booking flights, to get cheap flights and lodging and you have to get air miles so you can book some excellent flights or use them for other rewards, it is important to make sure where you buy your flights and have a good system of points.  Here are the 5 best ways to earn air miles.

Fly on the airline

Buying a plane ticket and flying is the traditional way to earn airline miles. Because airlines have devalued the ability to earn flight miles, this is one of the least efficient methods of earning miles for the average traveler, because usually, a person does not travel so much unless it is for business.

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Registration bonuses

Registration bonuses are one of the fastest ways to get many airline miles in a hurry. Air mileage bonuses often range from 25,000 to 50,000 miles when you sign up for a new credit card. Some limited-time bonuses have reached 100,000 miles.

In recent years, banks have implemented new rules to make it more difficult to receive registration bonuses, but you can still easily find bonuses of at least 50,000 miles and even banks have certain promotions that make you earn more miles.

Expense on your credit card

Beyond the initial registration bonus, every time you use the airline's credit card to pay for a transaction, you will earn miles. Some credit cards offer additional miles when you spend in certain categories or with airline partners if you have family or friends you can buy tickets with your credit card to generate more miles.

Certain credit cards earn points that you can transfer to your favorite airlines as well. This provides an additional opportunity to earn additional miles, you can always transfer them to where it suits you.

You can put all your expenses on your credit cards to earn as many miles as possible. Whether you buy a $ 3 Happy Meal for your children or a set of $ 1,000 new tires for your car or anything you need that can generate such advantages.


Using a shopping portal

Before visiting a website to make a purchase, take a couple of seconds to visit a portal so you can earn additional miles. The websites you buy every day, such as Staples, Kohl's and Home Depot, pay the websites for referring businesses. Shopping portals share a portion of that income in the form of miles, points or cashback and those are not the only stores that offer these opportunities.

Airline companions

Airlines have a variety of partners where you can earn airline miles. The most common associations are with hotels and car rental agencies. The next time you book a hotel or a rental car is an opportunity to get a little closer to your next free flight, hotels are a great way to save more.

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