fbpx Cool Ass Idea: House Carer

Cool Ass Idea: House Carer

Join fellow Global Citizens, Fulfilling their travel Dreams.

Or free yourself, from the burden and responsibilities of home, and pet ownership for a while for your well-earned trip away.  This unbelievable opportunity, unheard by many, seems "too good to be true" - but it is!

Housecarers.com was founded by Ian White in October 2000, then in Narrabeen NSW Australia.

After a long career in Marketing and Information Technology, Ian was looking for a break from the corporate Rat Race.

A colleague told him of an expensive entry in a printed House Sitting Directory that did not pay off.

Ian then Pioneered the Internet's first World Wide House Sitting Membership site; securely matching House Sitters with Home and Pet owners.

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If you are interested in becoming a housesitter with House Carers, click the link below.


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