How do Airlines Price Tickets?

Airline tickets, to the average traveler, seem to fluctuate without any reason.  I have spent many hours tracking flights and the prices that come with them.  I go to sites like Google Flights and my favorite Skyscanner.  I even get emails that track the flights for me and send emails when there are changes.  But, behind the scenes, there is actual science for the dynamic pricing which is conducted by artificial intelligence.

One of the main purposes for the existence of Vacation Mode is to find and disseminate information from the travel industry.  We want to make travel more affordable and information like this helps to get a true understanding as to how this industry functions.

Here is a story done by CNBC International that explains how airfare tickets are priced.  I found it very informational and I hope this will help you get a better understand as to what goes on in the industry.


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CNBC International