fbpx Air Prices set to double

Air Prices set to double

Air Prices set to double:  U.S. to Europe $2,200 Economy Fare

As airlines return to Europe skies for summer, the cost of air travel looks set to double on some carriers. A U.S.-Europe economy return in early June cost from $2,126 with Delta. A first-class ticket for the same Atlanta-Paris flight costs from $7,085.

Mind, Europe’s borders are shut to most foreign travelers until at least June 15. Travel bans at both ends mean only those with essential reasons to travel can.

That has not stopped several airlines ramping up summer flight schedules for Europe. Delta, Emirates and Qatar are taking off again on many European routes from as early as today. As the EU’s internal borders start to tumble, Lufthansa together with its subsidiaries SWISS and Eurowings are launching a major comeback on Europe-wide destinations across June. Also on international routes.

Is Delta inflating those prices a little? A Lufthansa Paris Los Angeles return from May 28 costs less than half that: From $970 for a basic economy return fare, $1,330 in the case of premium economy.

Post Covid-19 Air Travel Freedom At A Price?

There has been huge speculation as to whether post-Covid-19 air travel will be cheaper or more expensive. The variation in prices between Delta and Lufthansa suggests it depends in part which airline you choose.

Photo by Marina Hinic from Pexels

With Covid-19 devastating the travel industry, companies will try to make up for lost revenue.  The first thing they are going to do is raise prices as we see if we are willing to pay it.  Now, more than ever, travel hacking and mitigating the price of travel is more important than ever.  Check out these articles to make travel more affordable:

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