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Find Deals in Santorini

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Santorini is a Cycladic windswept volcanic island. Thousands of travelers flock to Oia every year for its magical sunsets, stunning blue dome churches, and a plethora of colorful beaches, making it one of Greece's most popular locations. Here is a way to find hotel deals in Santorini if you're planning a trip to this beautiful island.

Santorini is the Cyclades' southernmost island. Thira is its official name (Thera in classical Greek).

One of the greatest volcano eruptions in recorded history occurred on this island. The volcano erupted about 3,600 years ago, causing a massive tsunami to smash the island of Crete, resulting in the Minoan civilization's demise. Santorini is now a water-filled crescent formed by the ruins of an old volcano. The cities of Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli are all situated on the caldera's rim.

How to Find Hotel Deals in Santorini
How to Find Hotel Deals in Santorini

On the island, there are more churches than residences, however, most of them are modest and private.

Wine is a big business in this town. The hot, dry climate is ideal for growing grapes, and if you enjoy visiting wineries and tasting wines, Santorini is the place to be. The vines are also planted in coils on the ground rather than on a trellis, as is common in many other vineyards across the world. Because it is quite windy on Santorini, this is done.

And, yes, expect strong winds. There were wind gusts powerful enough to knock people over while we were here. The windiest months in Santorini are January, February, July, and August.

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