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Island Life: Kalanggaman Island, Leyte, Philippines

Calanggaman Island ( a.k.a Kalanggaman Island ) is a pristine dream beach destination in the Visayas; exactly located in the municipality of Palompon and the province of Leyte. It is famous for its stretches of white powdery sand beaches and its crystal clear blue waters that stretch along both sides of this island. Calanggaman Island has a length of only 753m and is uninhabited.

The island increased increasingly more consideration after 2013 when a major journey ship halted there to give its visitor a chance to unwind under the palm trees for a couple of hours. 

There's no hotel on Calanggaman Island yet to give some solace to its guests the nearby government manufactured some fundamental offices and guarantees wellbeing by traveler cops which are positioned on the island. 

It is an ideal escape for an only multi-day or two or three days of outdoors. The swimming just as the jumping is wonderful and charming in the quiet waters around Calanggaman Island. Thusly Sea Explorers Dive Center in Malapascua just as different dive shops are consistently offering jumping and swimming outings to Calanggaman. Once in awhile, medium-term remains in tents or loungers are likewise being advertised. 

Since there's no water or cafés on the island make certain you bring your own provisions. You may have the likelihood to get some new fish captured by neighborhood angler which can be grilled in one of the few flame broiling stations on the island. 

Scuba jumpers can anticipate delightful divider plunging with a wealth of delicate and hard corals just as well as a major assortment of fish. Whale shark and furthermore thresher shark experiences have been made here.

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