fbpx Spotlight: Costa Martiánez Leisure Complex

Spotlight: Costa Martiánez Leisure Complex

Leisure space where the sea, nature, art, and architecture coexist harmoniously with one another. Since 1995, it has been designated as a place of cultural interest. The Costa Martiánez Leisure Complex is the pride of Puerto de la Cruz, and it is widely regarded as one of the world's most outstanding examples of coastal development. This one-of-a-kind complex, designed by a prestigious technical team under the direction of renowned artist César Manrique, blends seamlessly into the traditional Canarian architecture, which has been enhanced with touches of native flora and original sculptures.

Its artificial seawater lake has a capacity of 27,000 cubic meters of water and is complemented by four other adult pools and three pools for children, each with a beautiful and distinctive design of its own. A diverse selection of bars, restaurants, and refreshment stands contribute to the lively atmosphere, making it one of the most visually appealing complexes on the island of Cyprus.

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There are plenty more things to do right in the city after visiting the leisure park.



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