fbpx Tips and tricks to earn miles every day

Tips and tricks to earn miles every day

Most travelers know the possibility to earn miles, but not everyone knows the tricks to add them. In this post, I share tricks and tips that will allow you to quickly accumulate a lot of miles.

The first trick is to accumulate flying on the airline:

This trick is best known by everyone, but many times we screw up all the ways at this point.

First of all, you must create a member number on the airline to be able to load the miles of the flight.  You can load miles from a flight in three different instances: when you buy it, when you check-in, or after the trip.  If the membership number is entered at the time of purchase of the flight, miles are automatically credited after the trip.

After the trip, make sure you are credited for the miles you get for flying. One of the most common mistakes is to fall asleep on the laurels and lose the possibility of loading them because the deadlines expired.

Another mistake is adding the miles, but not controlling the expiration dates and losing the accumulated. To avoid this, it is essential to apply the second trick.


The second trick is to have a credit card that accumulates miles:

When I was told this, I note that the credit cards I had collected points to redeem household items. These points were useful when we were building our house, but they no longer served us, and we had to change the plan.

I also thought, does our family consume enough to make this trick profitable for us?

I talked with my spouse and we realized that we do not live by shopping at the mall, but we go to the supermarket, we load gasoline, we go to the gym, we take courses, we pay for the school for our son. And all these expenses can be paid with a card that accumulates miles.

So, we chose a card that accumulated miles, focused the consumption on it and began to accumulate.

The third trick is to read all the information that the airline has about the mileage programs on its website:

This point is fundamental because it guarantees you the maximum use of the program, the saddest thing is that very few people get enough information.

Actually, in this way, I learned several tricks that I will mention in this post. While we are focused on a particular airline, I know that there are several that apply the same criteria. Although for the exception the rule is made, which reaffirms the importance of this trick.

 The fourth trick is to fly in an alliance airline:

The alliances between airlines guarantee the connections between the different parts of the world. Many times, we want to go to a destination that our airline does not arrive, but some of the alliance does.  So, if we are clear about these alliances, we can accumulate miles flying in another airline that belongs to that group.

Example: If we collect miles on airline A, but we travel on airline B, we can enter the mileage accreditation application on airline A, as long as A and B make up the same alliance.

The fifth trick is to earn miles for hotel reservations:

It is worth saying that on the Website of some airlines you can make reservations by booking and earn miles based on the cost of the reservation. When registering the reservation, you must indicate the airline's membership number so that you can later be credited.

In fact, some airlines provide miles for every dollar spent on the reservation. So, if we make a reservation at a hotel for 700 dollars and the airline provides us 5 miles per dollar spent, we will add 3500 miles with that reservation.

So, I can assure you that this trick allows you to quickly increase your miles and it works well for us;  Only once did we have to make an accreditation claim, which was finally granted.

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