fbpx Cheap Allegiant Air ticket: Should You Buy it?

Should You Buy That Cheap Allegiant Air Ticket?

YES and NO(s) of Buying Cheap Tickets

Yes, the prices of the flights are what they are, but from -where we spend hours and hours investigating-, we give you some tips to find the cheapest flight and save some dollars that always come well to spend later on your destination.  We ask:  Should you buy that cheap Allegiant Air Ticket?

YES ... to book tickets one by one and not several at once

Even if you are flying in a group. Airlines often sell multiple kinds of fares at different prices, with a certain number of seats in each class. If there is a seat in the class with the lowest fare and for example, you are looking for four seats, the system, which is automated, will show you the highest fare class for the total of the four tickets. Therefore, you better try to search one by one, in case there are limited places for sale. In this way, you can be sure that at least some tickets, if not all, were purchased at the lowest possible price. The moment you go to book the cheapest price and give you the option to choose seats, choose one next to an empty seat; Then, immediately, you book the ticket a second time and select the seat next to the previous one.

YES ... to look for flights during the week

Airlines usually launch their offers on Tuesdays to end normally on Thursday, so we advise you not to limit your searches to weekends. The promotions, in general, usually aim to sell in the next two or three months and the purchase requirements are usually between 14 and 21 days in advance.

NO ... to forget about flying in high season

Only by changing your departure or return date in one day, can you save a considerable amount of money. This works especially in the case of bridges or Christmas holidays. The exception is if you are traveling for a weekend of three days around the dates indicated. Everyone is trying to fly during the holidays, so it is the perfect time to try to extend your vacation even for a day.

YES ... to fly one way with an airline and back with a different one

Since the low-cost companies began to exist, it is very easy to book only the one way with one airline and the return with another, if the price is much cheaper. You can also "play" with the combinations of schedules.

Allegiant Air
Allegiant Air

YES ... to ensure that one of the routes of your trip is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

In those days is when the planes go empty, so the fares are lower.

YES ... to consider booking a package

If you need a hotel in addition to the flight, it is usually much cheaper to buy a "flight + hotel" package than to do it separately. Many hotels take advantage of this opportunity to hide a very aggressive discount within the package, which they do not usually do or can do when selling only the hotel.

This is a very common practice also among the big hotel chains, which, for image reasons, are usually reluctant to lower their prices or publish discounts. Something they do when they sell their hotel combined with a flight.

YES ... to catch a bargain when you find it (and never better

If looking for your flight, you find a bargain, do not think twice. We know: if you wait a bit, even at the end of the same day, GO-TO-DISAPPEAR. So throw yourself for her.

In addition, in general, airlines are required to offer free cancellation during the next 24 hours when you book your ticket 7 days or less in advance of the departure date. Of course, this rule only applies when you book directly with the airline (not through websites such as eDreams or Expedia).

NO ... to discard alternative airports

Do not just search from the main airport of your city or from the closest to your home. Consider secondary airports, because you will increase flight availability options, as well as finding prices that fit your budget more.

The same goes for the arrival airport. For example, if you are going to fly to Milan, consider not only Linate or Malpensa but also Bergamo.

YES ... to take into account the offers on social networks

Follow the social networks of your favorite airlines. You can often have access to offers that airlines cannot publish directly or you will be among the first to find out, something very useful when it comes to promotions with a limited number of places.

YES ... to know when to be loyal and when to compare

It is only important to maintain a loyalty relationship and accumulate points with the airlines when the reward makes sense. Sometimes, it is worth reserving a somewhat more expensive ticket if the point gain compensates. Many airline credit cards offer generous "bonuses" that allow you to get flights, luggage or priority onboarding for free. However, a decision must be made having all the information possible. It is convenient to compare all rates before launching the reservation.

NO ... to be afraid of the scales

Although the scales are usually a nuisance and we all prefer direct flights, sometimes we can save ourselves a pinch more than considerable by stretching our legs to change planes.

In addition, some airlines offer the so-called "stop-over", which allows you to extend your stay in the city of call and turn it into another place to visit during your vacation. This is the case of Icelandair: on many of their flights to the United States, they offer a "stop-over" in Iceland so you can visit the island.

YES ... to fly out of season

When destinations see a smaller volume of visitors, many of them respond by reducing the price of flights and hotels. So never give up a destination for not being "the best time to travel." Just to give some examples: Ibiza in October can be the most interesting and the famous city of Santa Claus -in Rovaniemi- also has its charm in summer. Anyway, don't set limits.

Allegiant Air
Allegiant Air

Now that you've heard the pros and cons, are you going out to buy that cheap Allegiant Air ticket?