fbpx Visual Opi8: Drone footage

Visual Opi8: Drone footage

*Visual Opi8 will be a series of photo articles spotlighting individual attractions that will inspire you to want to travel to these countries adding them to your bucket list.

This time we have a twist on our usual feature.  Visual Opi8 are travel photos of beautiful locations.  Today, we are looking at drone videos of said beautiful locations.  Drones have a lot of different applications, but, make it very easy to get location shots that you can't see when on vacation unless you take a helicopter ride.

Video Url
Video by Jess Vide from Pexels
Video Url
Strong Sea Waves Crashing The Rocky Shoreline by Alexander Bobrov pexels.com
Video Url
Drone Footage Of Mountain And Hills Natural Landscape Video by Nomad Nation Videoproduktion from Pexels
Video Url
A Grassland Valley In Between Mountain Rocks Video by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels
Video Url
A Sea Stack By The Coast Line Cause By Erosion Video by Adrien JACTA from Pexels


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